Who we are

The AGB brand was born in 1975. I'll leave it up to you as to from where it came.

Education, finance and property have formed our lives over the years and threaded through all of this has been our family hobbies, interests and pastimes. These have included:

Famous Ancestor?

Haydn No, not Haydn!

But one of our german ancestors, Arnold Smiths, moved to England with his wife to work with Haydn (pictured). One reason for the move was that the 'von Michels' family disapproved of their union.

Here is one of Arnold Smiths' compostions, which he wrote whilst working with Haydn. The modern day recording of the piece is by Marc Choi.


Crown Green Bowling, bridge, poker and various board games

Best hand I've ever been dealt


Gardening and wild life

(including a number of cats who sadly are no longer with us)

Wicket, R.I.P.

We now have two new kittens! Pictures to follow.

Logical Puzzles

Quick and dirty link to some games.


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